Who We Are

Helen Whitkin is a behavior change specialist who has worked on a number of programs based around the principles of community-based social marketing.

Working with San Francisco Department of the Environment, the Western Australian Department of Transport, Days of Change and other organizations has allowed her to gain many insights into the motivations behind making change.

Helen loves the challenge of making changes in her own lifestyle – riding her bike more than ever, converting her front verge to a vegetable garden, and crusading about plastic packaging to name a few highlights – and is excited about bringing Living Smart to the Bay Area to engage with local communities and support them on their own sustainability journeys.

Contact Helen: helen@earthmojo.org

Renata Martin is a teacher and a designer devoted to creating experiences that empower individuals, emphasizing social and environmental responsibility.

With Engineers for a Sustainable World in upstate New York, Renata learned the value of environmental justice by working with Rochester’s urban homeless population, helping people make sustainable living choices. She’s brought together teams of people at West Office Exhibit Design, The Aquarium of the Bay, Park Day School and other organizations to form environmental responsibility-focus groups that support energy and waste audits, responsible purchasing and materials use, regular eco-education and service learning projects.

Renata strives to affect the way that people approach the world; to open doors, to make it so inviting on the other side that they ask how to open that door for themselves…and never want to go back.

Contact Renata: renata@earthmojo.org