What People Are Saying

“Since taking this class, I’ve made some big changes to how I shop/what I buy at the grocery store—to reduce/eliminate packaging, avoid plastics, buy local and take transit/walk instead of driving. I am greatly reducing my water use around the house thanks to gray water capture/reuse. I now have both my bikes in working order (including I fixed a flat on my own!) and am starting to use them for errands.” —Beth, LSBA Participant, April 2015


“I wanted to thank you for putting together such a thoughtful presentation for our class! They came back very intrigued [about transportation justice] and were excited to share their observations of who is taking public transportation.” —Julius, 4th grade teacher, February 2015


“This was a great, very informative, hands-on class. Thanks, Renata & Helen. I am finnnnally installing my laundry-to-landscape system next week.” —Colin, DIY Greywater Install participant, June 2015


“Thank you for this professional development session. I really just needed a shot in the arm and this was it.” —Noreen, Learning Specialist, January 2015


“This [Living Smart Bay Area] course was absolutely amazing. It was great to take this course with other environmentally friendly people and I definitely learned new things, and have incorporated new things into my life.” —LSBA Participant, February 2015


“Thank you for showing us what’s happening to people because of environmental injustice. I’m going to have to stop and think before I do the things I do every day, and I’m going to tell my mom and dad, too.” —4th grade student, February 2015


“There is so much more I could be doing, in my own daily life, and I need to find a way to share the steps I take with friends, family, and colleagues, and companies. It is a dominant theme out there in the field of sustainability that individual action doesn’t really matter; and most companies believe that their customers really don’t care that much. Programs like Living Smart can really do a lot to challenge that thinking by activating individuals.“ —Beth, LSBA Participant, April 2015


“[My favorite part of Living Smart was] that it was hands on and that we could relate to whatever was being discussed. Also that the course was shaped by the group (facilitators adapted well to groups’ needs and specificities).” —Victoria, LSBA Participant, February 2015


“Thank you again for a really great Green Living @ Work event!” —Lisa, NetImpact Leadership Committee, March 2015


“I like how the facilitators organized the classes. The classes were never boring nor was the content repetitive. Thank you!!” —LSBA Participant, February 2015


“I truly enjoyed the guest speaker on the last day (Bea Johnson) as well as the workshops lead by other guests too. (i.e. the bike workshop, faucet workshop). It was fun looking forward to learning something new every week.” —Emily, LSBA Participant, February 2015